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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xbox 360 and avoiding the red ring

Surely, no one wants to go through the Xbox 360 red ring of death error.  Also known as a general hardware failure, this error takes place when the console overheats which causes the internal connections to get damaged.  Good thing today is that most Xbox versions don't really encounter problems such as this one but really you never know when your console could just break down.  You are definitely fortunate if the console still has warranty since you don't have to spend for repairs.  If not, so that you don't end up spending, prevent this error from happening by knowing what to do to avoid it from breaking down.
If you want to prevent your Xbox from getting damaged, you need to ensure that it is kept in an area that is ventilated well.  Although it is nice to have your Xbox by your entertainment system, it isn't good for your console.  Set aside a small table just for your Xbox so that it has space all around and can definitely breathe preventing it from overheating.  The cooler the area of your Xbox, the better so perhaps getting a personal fan just for it is a good idea.
A big reason for overheating is when many use their Xbox on cloth materials like carpets, beds, or those similar to these.  Cloth doesn't let the console breathe properly which causes it to warm up.  Too much dust is also not a good thing for this system as it blocks the vents of the Xbox.  Try and keep you console clean at all times and prevent accumulation of dust form taking place.  A wash cloth or a vacuum is all you need.
Direct sunlight is not good for your console.  Don't leave it in the car or anywhere near windows or other openings that sunlight can go through.  This heat can damage your console for sure.
To prevent your Xbox from breaking down, you need to give it a break.  Alot certain times for rest after hours of play so that your console can cool down.  Switch off the Xbox and unplug all connections because if you don't give it a rest and just play continuously, there is no doubt that your console will overheat.
These are all the things you need to prevent from occurring if you don't want to encounter the Xbox 360 red ring of death problem. With following these pointers, you can keep your console safe and clear from any possible damage.

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  1. Actually, you don't have to pay if your x-box has red ring even if your warranty is out. I've had red ring 5+ times, and they send you a new x-box free.